Indiana Tea House Exhibition

Indiana Tea House Exhibition

solo artist

Indiana Tea House Cottesloe

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Recently, John was also invited to complement the amazing Indiana Tea House with his perfectly suited works to augment the incredible venue that Indiana is.

Some of the pieces are literally as having been taken from a snapshot out of one the windows at Indiana itself.

Cottesloe Beach certainly was a major influence on John’s work, which is clearly obvious when one takes the time to let the pieces soak in for a little while. 

Enjoy the display when you have your next meal down there.

Here a small excerpt of some comments made by one of the admirers of John’s work…

“To him each beach visit is like a journey into a world, crafted and inspired by dedicated drone scenes which bring influences from around the globe. He loves picking somewhere that sounds interesting to enjoy the ambience with his brush and paint. He venture out every week or just for a special treat, each moment presents him with a diversity of perspective on his current paintings.

He embraced his own experiment on the medium, textures and dive into his brushes fearlessly. At 65years, he can feel it with all his senses and welcome his innovative and visions to an endless capacity to surprise, entertain and provoke him with a spirit of adventure. He will then shares the connections and stories which bind us together.

Led by the stirring sound of the oceans, trance,music and visual imaginations together for a spiritual spectacle which is as exciting as it is enchanting. He surrenders himself to a trance sound of odyssey of the ocean.

His exciting collection of sophisticated  and culturally hand crafted 2cm 3D characters can take up to 300 hours to complete the whole painting.

Today, he continues to bring you to more natural and cultural gems of amazing art beyond the coasts. Personally, art has taught him the very important lessons of community, spirit and giving.”

Western Australian Beaches - there ain't no place like it...