Buy some of John's work

John’s art is now becoming very sought after by the avid art collectors as this new and unique style of art is a first of its kind in the art world.
To produce this now established unique 3D brand of art, John invests hundreds of hours into every canvas and he insists there are no limits to anyone’s requirements, but each has to be individually designed and costed.

My art makes the perfect gift or birthday present for a loved one, because every time it is being viewed, it reveals more passion to please the eyes day after day, year after year

To purchase one of the completed pieces, or commission your preferred custom work, please make contact directly. Art can be sent anywhere in the world.

Each piece of art is an original.

What can you expect?

Each piece of John's art is exclusive; individually handmade according to the purchaser's personalised wishes.
If you live in Western Australia, John literally goes to the beach WITH YOU to learn exactly what you like to express, be that your favourite surfing spot, the take-off or landing for the Rottness Channel Swim or the stretch of beach where you take your regular dip to name a few.
For overseas buyers, good photos and an in-depth phone consult can achieve the same understanding to get into your idiosyncrasies and deliver your dream piece of art.