Born in Leeds (England), John is a self- taught artist.

Even as a young boy, John had great love for the ocean leading him to spend thousands of hours above and below the oceans throughout his life.

John looks at art in a different light. 

He likes being bold in his approach to each new beach scene.

The vibration of colours are fascinating, the brain is particularly sensitive to the varying energies of different colours. We all enjoy the delights of being submerged from the different end of the colour spectrum, for relaxation turquoise / blue this combined with soft warm sand evokes our preferred sensory programming that provoke a sense of well-being. We are as our Mother Earth, made up of seven tenths of water, our bodies detect the powerful frequencies from her particularly in and around the edge of the ocean. I capture it all in my art, the energies of the ocean with all the beach goers recharging, having fun and bagging happy memories.

Each scene builds...

…an unforgettable experience with the people and its environment. Many of his beautifully interactive tales are touching and thought provoking for any inspiring mind.

His art captures and imparts the very energy, fun and overall feeling of well-being, absorbing the viewer into the scene.

Collectively his thousands of diving experiences explored the interesting side of histories throughout the oceans.

His scenes certainly delight, engage and even challenge many of his explorations.

He is now recreating the experiences of memories and exploring how the fragments of one man’s life can be turned into artistic painting expressions.

In addition, he is also to publish his first photographic book. A collection of thousands of images, fashioning a life and living. He has spent many years developing his photographic knowledge and refining his ability to create new medium.

Many of John’s pieces find their way into public exhibitions and corporate venues, as well as private collections.

To discuss exhibiting or commissioning of artwork, please contact John directly.

A life-long love for the sea...

…set alight decades ago

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso